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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mainstreaming 3D Printing - USA Today article

This USA Today story continues the push of 3D printing into the mainstream media. This story points out the common themes - relatively inexpensive 3D printer machines and the increasing capabilities of more people to more effectively use the various software tools and 3D printers. From the article:

"Thanks to the Internet and declining hardware costs, 3D printing — once a specialized process used sparingly by industrial companies for prototyping — is becoming more common among design hobbyists and entrepreneurs." Yes, 3D printing is now more widely used and accepted as a viable technology with many applications.

We'd respectfully disagree with the statement in the article: "Despite its potential, 3D-printing technology does not yet pose a serious threat to traditional manufacturing." We believe that more advanced 3D printing / additive manufacturing technologies like high temperature laser sintering are disruptive technologies that are already breaking new ground in manufacturing, doing things that traditional manufacturing simply cannot do. Though we may agree that it's not (yet) happening in neighborhood kitchens or garages.

Check out the video from the story:

Monday, February 13, 2012

Paramount High Temperature Laser Sintering in Rapid Ready Technology

Thanks to Rapid Ready Technology News, part of Desktop Engineering, for their recent piece High Temperature Laser Sintering Opens Up New Additive Manufacturing Possibilities featuring Paramount Industries and our high temperature laser sintering capabilities. The article features a quote from Paramount CEO Jim Williams and includes Paramount's video on high temperature laser sintering materials:

3D Printing News: Replacement Jaw Implanted

The additive manufacturing world is buzzing this week about the news of the first human implant of a 3D printed replacement jawbone. An 83 year old woman had her lower jawbone surgically replaced with a new patient-specific titanium jawbone created using metal lasersintering. The new jawbone was also coated with a biocompatible ceramic layer. The jawbone implant restored the woman's jaw line, and within a day of the surgery, the patient was able to speak and eat.

To find out more about this phenomenon, just search the web for "Doctors Print Replacement Jaw from 3D printer" and you will find many stories and photos. Here are just a few of the news stories:
This is a huge breakthrough in the use of 3D printing and additive manufacturing! While Paramount doesn't specialize in human body replacement parts, we are leading the way in many applications of these technologies, including medical and healthcare applications for 3D printing. Contact Paramount for more information.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

EOSINT P 800 Laser Sintering System Acquired by Paramount

Paramount's EOSINT P 800 Laser Sintering System
February 8, 2012
Press Release

Paramount Industries, Inc. Acquires EOSINT P 800 Laser Sintering System

Paramount today issues this press release to announce its new EOSINT P 800 Laser Sintering System. The P 800 increases Paramount’s additive manufacturing capacity to support the growing demand for direct part manufacturing and high temperature laser sintering composite parts. The EOSINT P 800 is a new high temperature laser sintering technology capable of processing engineered polymers like polyaryl ether ketone (PAEK) and polyether ether ketone (PEEK).

Click here for more on Paramount's High Temperature Laser Sintering capabilities.

Click here to request a quote for High Temperature Laser Sintering or any other additive manufacturing capability from Paramount.

Friday, February 3, 2012

EOS P800 Featured in CNN Video on Laser Sintering / 3D Printing

A visually appealing CNN video report on laser sintering and 3D printing features the creation on a laser sintered violin on an EOS P800 machine, the kind of machine recently purchased by Paramount Industries.  The video shows the creation of a violin that actually can be played, and also includes medical, aerospace and automotive examples.

It correctly emphasizes that the advancement in laser sintering materials has enabled the technology to grow into new and more advanced used. Adding to the confusion in industry terminology, it calls the technology "additive layer manufacturing".

Check out the video!


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