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Saturday, October 22, 2011

What's your view of DPM? What are the barriers we face to manufacturing scale-up?

Last week I attended SAMPE Tech 2011 Fort Worth. Jennifer Fielding, AFRL chaired a panel
discussion on Direct Part Manufacturing (DPM), aka DDM. The panel included, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, EOS, Stratasys, Paramount Industries and Mount Laser Photonics Center. This group of panel SMEs and the audience represented many of thought leaders and innovators of our industry (customers, AM technology makers and practitioners) of DPM. The panel was challenged with three questions: 1) what are the greatest technical challenges to be overcome with DPM, 2) what are some barriers to implementation (policy, cost and/or technical) of DPM processes, and 3) how could they best be addressed? There was an undisputed consensus from the panel and the audience? In no particular order: scalability of materials and machines, industrialization of a DPM industry, material supply chain maturity, M&P design allowables, AM design and modeling tools, industry acceptance, and a robust education system. What are your thoughts?

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