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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Paramount Featured in Manufacturing Case History

In company case study called Paramount Industries: A 3D Systems Company, an Additive Manufacturing Success Story, Paramount was recently featured by DVIRC, a Philadelphia area manufacturing consulting agency that has worked with Paramount throughout its history.

The DVIRC article describes how Paramount began as a foundry/moldmaking/industrial-consumer modelmaking operation and how it embraced emerging technologies to become a leading provider of rapid prototyping services which have evolved into additive manufacturing services, now commonly called 3D printing.

Paramount's Jim Williams will be speaking about 3D printing at DVIRC's National Manufacturing Day: Made in America! on Oct 4, 2013.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Additive Manufacturing Strategy - Jim Williams in Industry Week

Jim Williams recently contributed an article to Industry Week titled "Why You Need an Additive Manufacturing Strategy". The article summary says "3-D printing can bring great benefits to your manufacturing environment, but only if everyone -- from the CEO down to the design-engineers -- understands how it works and how it will be applied.". The article contains three parts:
IW logo

  1. Why You Need an Additive Manufacturing Strategy
  2. The Three Pillars of Affordability
  3. Getting There
According to Williams:
[B]efore you start any serious capital expenditure on the technology, it is critical that you create a top-down corporate strategy that reflects areas where your manufacturing operation and end-use parts and products can truly benefit.

Implemented properly, additive manufacturing can significantly reduce material waste, reduce the amount of production steps, inventory being held, and reduce the amount of distinct parts needed for an assembly. But you need a strategy to make it work.

About Jim Williams
Jim Williams
Before taking over as the Vice President of Aerospace & Defense, MANTEC and Program Development for 3D Systems, Jim Williams served as President and CEO of Paramount Industries. He currently chairs the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute’s Executive Committee and Governance Board.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

3D Systems Announces Geomagic Solutions design-to-manufacturing software tools

Geomagic Solutions
In a recent press release, 3D Systems "announced the launch of its integrated design-to-manufacturing software tools under its Geomagic Solutions brand combining 3D Systems' comprehensive reverse engineering tools together with its affordable mechanical CAD, fully automated inspection and verification software and its cutting-edge haptic modeling to deliver intra-operable design functionality. Geomagic Solutions includes a voxel-based modeler that is 3D printer ready, further enhancing engineering productivity and parts manufacturability."

3D Systems has consolidated its cutting-edge technology, leading tools and teams from Rapidform, Geomagic, Sensable and Alibre into one dynamic, unified group: Geomagic Solutions. This is a huge step in design-to-manufacturing and product development tools and processes, spanning the entire design cycle all the way through to 3D printing.

In previous news, 3D Systems announced the Geomagic acquisition in January 2013, completed the acquisition in February, released Geomagic Design a suite of affordable CAD design solutions  and Geomagic Designer software packages for creation of freeform and mechanical 3D designs, both in April. Look for more new products to be released in July 2013.

About Geomagic
Learn more about 3D Systems entire portfolio of Geomagic Solutions at Geomagic’s scanning and design software solutions are used to capture and model 3D content from physical objects, organically sculpt complex shapes, and prepare products for manufacturing. In addition, the company produces powerful 3D metrology and inspection software that verifies dimensional quality by comparing as-built products to master designs.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Out of the Blue Conference Features Additive Manufacturing

From the Council on Competitiveness press release:
The Council on Competitiveness today held its first “Out of the Blue” manufacturing dialogue of 2013 at Oak Ridge [Tennessee] National Laboratory (ORNL), where top American leaders convened to explore additive manufacturing - a system of highly advanced technologies being used more often today by many companies to differentiate in the global manufacturing competitiveness race—as well as the opportunities and challenges for advancing its development and economic impact.

Jim Williams, Managing Director, Paramount Industries, a 3D Systems Company, hosted a session on Thursday April 18, 2013 titled "Facilitating the Development, Evaluation and Deployment of Efficient and Flexible Additive Manufacturing Technologies". The audience was a mix of industry, academia, government research and policy makers. Williams presented a brief industry background and examples of additive manufacturing where the final product is end use parts. i.e. aerospace, orthodontics, hearing aids, orthopedic, etc.

Paramount and 3D Systems are leading the way in working with customers to explore new and innovative ways to utilize additive manufacturing technologies to solve real world engineering problems. Contact Paramount to explore further.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

4D Printing and Skylar Tibbits TED Talk, Expanding 3D Printing

Skylar Tibbits is a TED Fellow who recently did a TED talk on the topic of 4D printing, expanding on 3D printing with the added dimension of time, so the 3D printed object changes over time. Tibbits' TED talk was followed by an interview on CNN Ideas and a NY Times interview. At Paramount Industries and 3D Systems, we are always ahead of the curve and always checking out new ideas and new innovations in our industry. Skylar Tibbits has some interesting ideas and his TED talk and CNN Ideas are worth checking out.

Paramount's Jim Williams comments:
Amazing to think 4-D. I've wondered when (and who) would be pushing outside 3D. Also I am an ardent believer in multi-function 'functionalized' materials. This is only the beginning. The real 4th and 5th dimension is in the discovery of how to manufacture going from 2D layers to real-time 5D. It's been accomplished by CNC 5-Axis.

The TED Talk description:
3D printing has grown in sophistication since the late 1970s; TED Fellow Skylar Tibbits is shaping the next development, which he calls 4D printing, where the fourth dimension is time. This emerging technology will allow us to print objects that then reshape themselves or self-assemble over time. Think: a printed cube that folds before your eyes, or a printed pipe able to sense the need to expand or contract."

The CNN Interview:


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